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Can I buy a house after I file for bankruptcy?

Posted by Ellen Brown | Jul 10, 2023

Everyone is talking about interest rates today.  Most of our clients that want to buy a home are worried that bankruptcy will prevent them from buying home in the future.  This is untrue.  The fact is that most of our clients buy a home 2 to 3 years after filing with competitive interest rates and are able to refinance to a better interest rate even sooner. 

You may ask how could this be possible? of the main factors that any lender looks at is your debt to income ratio.  When you owe a lot of debts then your debt to income ratio is not good.  Once you file bankruptcy and the dischargeable debts go away your debt to income ratio rapidly improves. 

By making consistent payments on your home and car loans after bankruptcy you will be able to immediately start rebuilding your credit and secure whatever good rate is available when it is time for you to purchase.  In fact you will be in a better position than others who still have debt.

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