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Scam Alert: Home Repair Scams

Posted by Ellen Brown | Jan 15, 2024

Home repair scams are when someone tries to convince you to pay for unnecessary or overpriced home repairs. This is a common scam that can happen when someone knocks on your door or calls you, claiming to be a home repair professional. Here are some tips to help you avoid home repair scams:

  1. Research the company: Before hiring a home repair professional, research the company to make sure they're legitimate. Check their website, reviews from other customers, and their licensing and insurance information.

  2. Get multiple quotes: Before agreeing to any home repairs, get multiple quotes from different professionals. This will help you compare prices and make an informed decision.

  3. Don't pay upfront: Scammers may ask you to pay for repairs upfront, before any work is done. Don't do this, as it may be a tactic to steal your money. Instead, pay only after the work is completed and you're satisfied with the results.

  4. Verify the repairs: After the work is completed, verify that the repairs were done properly and that any problems have been fixed. If you're not satisfied with the results, contact the company and ask them to fix any issues.

  5. Report suspicious activity: If you think you've been targeted by a home repair scam, report it to your state attorney general's office or to the Better Business Bureau.

Remember, it's important to be careful when hiring a home repair professional. Do your research, get multiple quotes, and don't pay upfront. And always verify that the repairs were done properly before paying for any work. If you think you've been targeted by a home repair scam, report it to the appropriate authorities.

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